We are two family men born in the 80’s with a strong childhood passion for superheroes and collecting action figures and comics. We met by chance on the internet, geeking about our passions for all the superheroes, watching our favourite shows from Batman, Spiderman, TMNT,  Masters of the Universe, to the transformers, G.I. Joes, and Mazinger – you name it.


Over the years we grew closer and pursued our love for collecting these items, gathering some of the rarest branded and original collectables in the market. We decided to take our hobby to the next level and revive our childhood hobby to help develop a collector’s community in Egypt. Eventually, this led us to start Bazinga, which started in 2014.


Since then, we have expanded our collection and advertised our work on various outlets, including Facebook. Now, we hope to finalize this transformation of our hobbies into a real and formal business. Although Egypt does not have many businesses that offer what we want to offer, we see this as an opportunity to tap into a new and untouched market.


We could not have gotten where we are today without the support of our members and clients. We always seek to grow and offer the best variety in order to fulfil our passionate collectors’ demands.


Despite the economic crisis in the country and the many hardships along the way, we are finally ready to turn our business professional. We hope to help build a collector’s community for all ages, taking people like us back to their childhoods while also giving the youth access to these collectables.